Iphelion Signature Creator is a light weight signature generation utility which produces branded e-mail signatures using data about your organisation and staff from existing information repositories within the company.


Consistent Branding

Eliminate the possibility of sending out inconsistent branding by automatically generating e-mail signatures across your entire company with predefined formatting for information such as telephone numbers, etc.

Easy to deploy updates

Updates to branding or company information (i.e. opening a new office or changing an office address) can be changed and deployed to your enterprise within minutes.

Automatic updates of personal information

Auto generated signatures can automatically update any changes to a users job title, department, home office, etc. when mapped to a maintained active directory or SQL based database such as an HR system.

Reduced overhead within Outlook

Signature Creator runs outside of the Outlook environment so third party Outlook add-ins will continue to run as normal

Reduced training overhead

Greatly reduce or even remove the training overhead around the creation of brand compliant signatures for your user community.

Enable e-mail marketing

Quickly implement and run e-mail marketing campaigns across the firm by including links, text or images across the firm.